Digby Crescent

A few neighbours on Digby Crescent have got together to consider how we could improve energy efficiency on our street. Gas and electricity bills have risen 54% above last year’s prices and increases look likely to continue. Now could be the time to move to renewables. 

The flats on our street make it difficult to install individual renewable technologies, which is why we are interested in developing a street-wide solution or template for our homes.

We are at Step 1 in the process, finding out if you are interested in making your home more sustainable. Please let us know via the survey below. 

The information you share will be used to shape any potential project, data will be held by community engagement company, LineUndrawn. 

Collecting gas usage data for Digby Crescent

We are interested in doing a feasibility study on alternatives to gas boilers for our street. To to this, we need some basic data about how much gas you use to heat your home today. Please share via this form (data can be anonymous, but including your property number is helpful!)

How energy efficient is your home?

Complete the survey below to let us know what energy efficiency measures you have already installed.

How do we develop a project?

Step 1- Find out if our neighbours are interested in developing a project

Step 2 – Start a ‘Community Interest Company’, to look after funds

Step 3 – Raise funding through grants, community funds, local authority, etc.

Step 4 – Community review of our options

Who is involved so far?

Long-term Digby Crescent neighbours, Hen Cooke and Mary Rawlinson. We work in the energy and environmental sectors and would like to make our homes on Digby Crescent resilient and ‘green’!

What’s the survey for?

To see if there is support for setting up a Community Interest Company, to bring a project forward.

What would a community interest company do?

A community interest company is a type of ‘limited company’ set up as a social enterprise. The company would be regulated by the UK Government and must report on achievement of its community objectives.

Who will have access to the data shared?

LineUndrawn is a professional community engagement company that is volunteering time to support the project.